How my son got interested in Pokemon?

Kids and video games. Some parents say kids play them too much – and kids say they play them too little. Being somewhat of a video game lover, my own family has had Sega, PlayStation, Wii, and Xbox systems through the years that have provided hours of learning and enjoyment for myself, my kids and yes, my biggest …

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How to fix error 0xc004d307 to maximize allowed re-arms


When your PC randomly crashing or freezing while running multiple applications the 0xc004d307 issues happens due to errors like Windows error, registry error, scrap files, application errors, unnecessary programs installed in your PC. This article is to check out the complete solution about how to fix the Windows error 0xc004d307. This error is faced by the users while activating the Operating System. Mostly the …

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How to Change IP Address on Mac for Free.


An IP address an identity on the internet. All computing device has an IP address when they are connected to the internet. The other devices addresses are dynamic, means that it has different IP address each time when it connects to the internet. The IP address remains constant till the device is disconnected and reconnects …

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