How to equip mods and create a warframe build?

How to equid mods to create a warframe build

Warframe is one of the fascinating games than ever, but it takes some time to understand what exactly is happening. The game is all about players’ choice, you can choose or build your own Warframe, Weapons, Archwings, Style, and Companions inside the Arsenal.

However, many new players are wondering about where and how to create a Warframe build. So, are you the one among them? No need to worry anymore. Just equip the mods with the best warframe builds and get through the toughest missions.

What are mods?

Mods are the upgrading systems that are essential to creating a Warframe build. Warframe’s Mod system is available in the form of card and is used to enhance speed, power, damage, precepts, survivability, and utility.

Equip mods to create Warframe build

Types of Mods

  • General Mods – used to improve your Warframe, Weapon, and Sentinel.
  • Precepts – behavior schemes for Kubrows and Sentinels.
  • Auras – Passive powers that increase your available mod points.

How to Equip Mods?

To equip mods, all you need to do is choose the equipment you wish to configure. Next to the equipment, you will see three buttons:

  • Equip – Lets you equip different equipment.
  • Upgrade – Take you to the mod screen.
  • Appearance – Opens the custom options.
Mod Screen

Click the option upgrade. This will take you to the module screen where you can equip the modules to create a Warframe build.

Note: You will be allowed to create only 3 different configurations of mods for each Weapon, Warframe, and Companions. Hence, pick any three builds that suit your game-play.

For instance, in the above picture, you can see some empty slots with polarities on the right side of the mod screen. In bottom, you will be listed with the mods that can be equipped from your inventory. Choose one of the mods from the bottom and equip it to one of the empty slots.

If the polarity of the slot and card match, the mod will take more points than mentioned. The slots without polarity will only use the points displayed on the card.

Final Words

While starting your game, it is best to focus on Mods that improve your ability to survive. Find a weapon that fits you and focus on Mods that benefit your Weapon and enjoy playing your game. We hope this guide will be helpful to you. For more updates stay connected with us!

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